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'Latin Culture offers a glamour to fashion and jewellery which I find irresistible'

Hello, I'm Sally, designer of Ruled By Venus Jewellery.  

Designing Jewellery is my passion and deciding what jewellery I'm going to wear is always the most exciting part of getting dressed.  A little confession here, I designed this collection for myself. I adore wearing each of these pieces, and I received so many compliments while wearing them that I thought that you may like to indulge too.


The name 'Ruled By Venus' came to me after I began researching my astrological chart and discovered that my rising sign is Taurus, Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love & Beauty. This didn't come as much of a surprise as I've always been attracted to all things Venus related like fashion, beauty, jewellery & art. I believe that all Women are Venus's. Let's adorn ourselves! 

My debut jewellery collection is inspired by Flamenco, the 'Feria' and the architecture of the Alhambra Palace. As you might have guessed, I am a pattern addict and I am forever being seduced by gold embellishments.

In my eyes, the jewels of my collection are the filagree patterns that I designed whilst listening to and watching Flamenco, mirroring it's femininity, spontanaiety and power.


Latin culture offers a glamour to fashion and jewellery which I find irresistible and this is a major influence in my designs. I love travelling to Latin countries and to be involved in the dance communities, where femininity is celebrated. Dance is one of my greatest loves and a constant source of inspiration. 

I believe that a  woman's jewellery should make a unique statement about who she is. I admire women who are creative & brave  enough to seek adornments that really express their personality.


Ruled By Venus Jewellery aka RBV is a luxury designer brand that creates unique statement jewellery for the 'Modern Venus'. Fashion forward and independently minded women who take pleasure in creating their own brand of beauty. RBV was launched by Jewellery Designer, Sally Rees in 2017 with 'The Flamenco Collection'. A daring & vibrant collection which draws inspiration from the power and femininity of Flamenco, the glamour of the Feria & the intricate architecture of the Alhambra Palace.

Sally Rees was born and raised in Swansea, South Wales, as the middle child of three daughters. After completing her secondary education she embarked on an Art Foundation Course at SIHE. Following a gap year spent travelling around Australia & NZ Sally began her BA in Contemporary Textiles & Surface Pattern Design at SIHE. During this time she became infatuated with the idea of using textiles as inspiration for Jewellery and attended her 1st exhibition at London New Designers in 2005.  Following her BA, Sally gained her PGCE in Secondary Education and moved to Spain for 1 year.  In 2007 Sally returned to London to study at the London Metropolitan University, to commence her MA in Jewellery Design. Towards the end of her MA in 2009 Sally was awarded with the Argent of London, Young Jewellery Designer of the year award, and also exhibited at New Designers MA graduates and Treasure, Covent Garden. After her MA Sally took a break from her own work to focus on her teaching career. In 2015 Sally delved back into Jewellery Design via an intensive jewellery making course at The Vanetta Seecheran School of Jewellery. This gave her the incentive to reignite her own creative career and to design and launch her 1st collection for Ruled By Venus Jewellery in 2017.  Sally plans to launch a 2nd collection in 2018 and is currently busy building and promoting her jewellery business.